How can I manually upgrade the agent?

To manually upgrade the agent, there are two primary methods:

  • Stop the service and replace the binary

  • Upgrade or reinstall the package

Stop the service and replace the binary

Step 1: Stop the service

The command to stop the service will vary depending on your init system. For this example, we will be using systemd.

sudo systemctl stop ardexa

Once the service has stopped and the agent reports as being offline in the Ardexa Web App, proceed to Step 2.

Step 2: Replace the binary

Take the new binary and copy it to /usr/sbin/ardexa. Confirm that the new binary is working as expected by running the following commands (some systems to not include /usr/sbin/ in the PATH for standard users, so you may need to provide the absolute path to the binary). This will print the version of the agent and then test that the configuration file is compatible with the new binary.

ardexa -v
sudo ardexa -t /etc/ardexa/ardexa.yaml

If the commands both return successfully, you may start the service once more.

sudo systemctl start ardexa

The agent should reconnect and in the Ardexa Web App you should see a "Configuration Update" notice. Browse to [Devices], click on the target device and open the [Configuration] tab. Here you should see that the agent version has been updated.

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