SMA Sunny Tripower (non Sunspec)


The purpose of this plugin is to collect data from SMA Sunny Tripower Inverters, that are not running Sunspec.


The purpose of this plugin is to collect data from SMA Sunny Tripower Inverters from the Modbus server, that is; where these inverters do not use Sunspec. Some SMA Sunny Tripower inverters cannot communicate via Sunspec. This plugin will use the native SMA Modbus definitions to read the machine data. There are a number of files that can be used to query the SMA Sunny Tripower inverters, depending on the model of the attached inverters. The sma_tripower.txt (default) file collects data from most Tripower inverters. The sma_tripower_core2_STP_110-60.txt will read from the SMA Sunny Tripower CORE2 STP 110-60 model.

The plugin uses the Modbus TCP Specification, and collects from TCP connected inverters only. Inverter data will be collected to the solar table, and will be run every 5 minutes, by default. This plugin relies on the Modbus Ardexa plugin. Please be aware you may need 1 or 2 attempts to read the data. Also note that some values (eg; AC Power) will report huge negative values at night time (eg; -2GW. These values will be ignored by the plugin.

SMA TriPower Data

The following inverter data will be collected to the solar table, for the sma_tripower.txt file. The sma_tripower_core2_STP_110-60.txt file will collect a lot more data.

Variable            Units
Grid Freq           Hz
Daily Energy        Wh
Total Energy        Wh
DC Voltage 1        V
DC Current 1        A
DC Power 1          W
DC Voltage 2        V
DC Current 2        A
DC Power 2          W
AC Current          A
AC Voltage 1        V
AC Voltage 2        V
AC Voltage 3        V
AC Power            W
Total Hours         h
Grid Contactor
Insul Resist        kOhm
Interior Temp       °C
Reactive Power      var
Apparent Power      VA
Operating Status


Arguments are as follows:

  • endpoint. This is either an IP address like

  • bus_addresses. The bus address of the inverter(s)

  • --port. This is an optional parameter used in an Ethernet gateway, and is the TCP port used for the gateway. Default is 502

  • --attempts. This is an optional parameter, and determines how many times to times to attempt to read an inverter value. Default is 1

  • --delay. This is the delay in seconds between inverter send and receive commands, AND if attempts > 1. Fractions like 0.3 can be used. Default is 0.05

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