Limit Access to Dashboards & Searches

Applying permissions to limit who can see what saved dashboards and saved searches

After you have created and saved a search or dashboard you are able share it with other users. The ability to share and with whom you can share is controlled by your user permissions. These permissions are set and managed by the workgroup owner.

The sharing of searches and dashboards operates in the same manner. If you have the necessary permission to share, then the app will provide you the ability to share.

Sharing includes the ability to share and unshare to multiple users.

How to share a Search is documented here

How to share a Dashboard is documented here

Sharing & Visibility Rules

Who Can Share, To Where and Who sees What I have shared?

Visibility and sharing rules for shared searches and dashboards are applied using the conditions described in Data Access > Users and Permissions

User Types

There are two types of users

  1. Device Group users (member of a single device group)

  2. Workgroup users (considered a member of ALL device groups)


There are three levels of visibility:

Visibility Rule




Visible to you and only you.

Device Group

Visible only to members of the target Device Group. Workgroup users are considered members of ALL device groups.


Visible to all users.

  1. Private

  2. Device Group

  3. Workgroup (everyone)

Managing Visibility & Sharing

Users with the Manage Searches and Dashboards permission can manage the visibility of searches and dashboards

Who can share to whom?

Sharing Rules

Each of the following can share a Search or Dashboard

Workgroup Users

  • to the whole workgroup

  • to one or more device groups

Device Group users

  • to only their Device Group

Workgroup owners

  • any pre-shared search (from any user in the workgroup) to any device group (one or more).

  • Unshare any search, shared by any other user..


All share actions are captured in the audit_logs table

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