Connectivity in 60 Seconds

I'm a total beginner, what do I do?

There are 5 steps to get you connected. This should take you no more than 60 seconds.

  1. Login to The Adexa Web Application using your browser.

  2. Go to [DEVICES] > [NEW DEVICE] Create a new device using the architecture for your device.

  3. Once this is done, it will download a zip file. This file contains the Ardexa Agent and the security certificates. Copy this file to your Linux device.

  4. Install the file on your device using the Debian install package command. See this reference for details.

  5. You should now see the device online (make sure the "circle and line" symbol has disappeared). The figure below shows the difference between an online and offline device. You can check the device is online by running a command from the Ardexa App, in: [DEVICES] > [REMOTE SHELL]

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