Mitsubishi PLC Plugin


This is a plugin to read data from a Listsubishi PLC, via the Melsec protocol, via UDP Port 5000, for the FX3U PLCs.


You run a log to send data to the cloud, or a discover to only display information. There must be a config file when running log or a discover. The config file defines which variables need to be collected, what names they appear on the the Ardexa cloud, units and scaling, what table(s) they variables will be sent to, and the source name(s). Example config file as follows. Always verify data accuracy by running am discover first, before committing the plugin to collect data.

# Table         Source         Variable Name,                  Type[:units],   Memory Address,     Scale
hydro,          turbine,       Generator Frequency,            decimal:Hz,     DFLOAT250,          0.4
hydro,          turbine,       Station Temperature,            decimal:°C,     D220,               1
hydro,          turbine,       Generator Current,              decimal:A,      DFLOAT236,          15
hydro,          turbine,       Generator Heater,               bool,           X2,                 1
hydro,          turbine,       Winding Voltage L3,             decimal:V,      DFLOAT226,          1
hydro,          turbine,       Nozzle Opening,                 decimal:%,      D48,                1
hydro,          turbine,       Nozzle 4,                       decimal:%,      D10,                0.02
hydro,          turbine,       Power Factor,                   decimal:,       DFLOAT246,          100

hydro-alarms,   turbine,       Circuit Breaker,                 bool,           X1,                 1
hydro-alarms,   turbine,       Grid error,                      bool,           M1,                 1
hydro-alarms,   turbine,       High bearing termperature,       bool,           M2,                 1
hydro-alarms,   turbine,       High vibration,                  bool,           M3,                 1
hydro-alarms,   turbine,       Low water level,                 bool,           M4,                 1


  • Anything that starts with # is a comment line, and will be ignored

  • The Type can be either: decimal, integer, bool, keyword

  • Units and Scale can be empty. Each is separated by a colon :

  • The Variable Name is the name that will appear in the Ardexa cloud

  • The memory address defines the memory address type and location.


  • ip_address This is an IP address like

  • config_path. This is the config file location

  • --port This is the UDP port used to connect to the Mitsubishi PLC. Its is defaulted to 5000