Config Static IP - Manually

This article details how to manually configure the network using ArdexaLinux. For browser based tools, please refer to the following articles:

ArdexaLinux uses the netctl network management tool for managing Ethernet interfaces and IP addresses.

To set a static IP address, please use the following template

Description='A basic static ethernet connection'
DNS=('' '')

Please note the following rules

  • Interface identifies the target Ethernet interface and largely depends on the device. For example, on an:

    • Advantech UNO 2271,

    • LAN A is enp1s0 and LAN B is enp2s0.

    For a list of all available interfaces, run ip a.

  • Address is a list of one or more IP addresses using CIDR notation. Each address must be surrounded with single quotes and space separated

  • Gateway is optional

  • DNS is optional and is also a space separated list of addresses.

Once you have filled in all the necessary details, save the file with the same name as the Interface, e.g. enp1s0 and then copy the file to /etc/netctl on the target device. Please note that this file MUST NOT have any file extension eg. such as *.TXT.

To activate the new configuration, either restart the machine or run netctl restart enp1s0, replacing enp1s0 with the name of the interface being updated.

For full details on all the available options, please see the netctl manual here.

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