"New" dashboards are generation 3

Entity dashboards are our 3rd generation dashboards. While keeping many of the features of generation 2, there are two main differences

  • Support for entities

  • New layout/card management system

Support for entities

Entities were designed with dashboards in mind. In fact, it was the primary reason they were invented. Devices and sources (the data models used in previous generation dashboards) are a distinctly flat structure that does not offer any form of hierarchy or relationship beyond one level (Device -> Source). Entities introduce far more structure into the data model and "drill down" is available out of the box since all entities are linked to one another using a parent/child relationship. Higher levels can show you aggregated data or tables populated with data from child items.

Entities are a far more flexible way to model your systems and organize your data streams, and the benefits of that flow through to dashboards.

See Entities for a full description of Ardexa's entity system.

Layout and card management

We've attempted and few card management systems over the years and the latest is our simplest yet. Instead of discreet cards, you control the rows and columns where cards will appear. The advantage of this system is that it keeps the dashboard responsive, that is, it will look proportionally the same on a tiny laptop screen or a massive 4K monitor.

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