CSV Downloads

Download your search result data
Using [SEARCHES] > [CSV], the Ardexa Web App allows you to download your search results in comma separated values format for whatever use you may have.
The CSV standard allows your search results to be opened in any number of external applications (eg. spreadsheet software such as LibreOffice Calc or Excel).

Downloading your Data

The following will step you through the process of downloading your search data.
We have to first generate some search results to be able to download. All the search input parameters will be used to generate the data that the CSV will be built from.
When you first run a search via the
button, the [TABLE] tab may be selected and the search results will be presented to you in the table format​; switch over to the [CSV] tab.
Building a Viz
Select the [CSV] tab and enable CSV downloads via Enable checkbox under output box.

Select your Output Parameters

  • Limit how many rows from the search results are added to the CSV
  • Independent of your search result columns, choose which of your search result columns are to be added to the CSV for export.

Download CSV

Click on the [Download CSV] button to retrieve your search results in CSV format, to your local machine or network drive.