Installation Raspberry Pi

Command line instructions

Power on your Raspberry Pi and log in when the Login prompt appears.

Copy the agentPack onto a USB stick using your laptop and then plug the USB stick into the Raspberry Pi.

Mount the USB Drive

On the Raspberry Pi you will need to manually handle the USB stick and unzip process so that you can read the files. With the USB key inserted, run the following commands

Retrieve USB Disk Partition Name

1. Run the following command and note the name of the USB disk partition in the output, e.g. sda1:

sudo lsblk

2. Create the mount point:

sudo mkdir /mnt/usb

3. Mount

sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/usb
ls /mnt/usb

The first command should not print anything to the screen. The second command, ls should list the files on the USB stick. The following commands assume that the agentPack is the only file in the USB stick.

Install the Agent

1. Navigate to the directory where the USB drive is mounted

cd /mnt/usb

The next step will unzip the agentPack. Where it says <TAB>, press the [TAB] key on your keyboard before pressing ENTER. <TAB> will activate a feature in the Linux command shell called "Auto Complete" which will type-out the rest of the file name for you.

sudo unzip /mnt/usb/agent<TAB>

Inside the ZIP file there are two more files. The file names will be displayed on the console. Next, we will install the DEB file using the following command. Again, press the [TAB] key when you see <TAB>.

sudo dpkg -i ardexa<TAB>

Assuming the Pi has internet access, the agent should now connect.

Once connection has been confirmed, the USB drive may be removed directly after running the following command.

sudo reboot

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