Replacing a Device with an Existing One
Replacing a broken Device

Replacing a broken device with an existing device

In some cases, you may have an existing device that you wish to re-purpose as a replacement. There are two ways to change the identity of this device:
  • If you have access to the machine via SSH or a screen and keyboard, you can simply uninstall the existing agent, and then following the normal procedure for Replacing a broken device with a new device.
  • If you only have access via the existing agent, you can replace the certificate "on the fly" and restart the agent remotely

Replacing the certificate

  • Open the target workgroup and browse to Devices
  • Open the menu for the broken device and select "Reissue certificate"
    • Select the option "Download a certificate pack containing the updated certificate"
    • Click Download
  • Make sure the replacement device is online
  • OPTIONAL: If required, change to the workgroup containing the replacement device and browse to Devices
  • Open the menu for the replacement device and select "Move workgroup"
  • Click the Browse button and open the Certificate Pack you downloaded in Step 2
  • Click Move
    • The replacement device will go offline and then re-appear as the old device
    • If there are any errors during the process, the changes will roll back and the replacement device will come back online so that you can try again.