Replacing a Device with an Existing One

Replacing a broken Device

When an existing device has been identified as needing to be replaced (through malfunction, or age), then the following procedure applies. Please note that data in the Ardexa cloud is associated with a device DEVICE-ID (which is shown in DEVICES->MANUALCONFIG->GENERAL). This ID (not the name) of the device is used to associate the data with a device. If this DEVICE-ID is removed, then the data remains in the Ardexa cloud but it will not be associated with an existing device - and therefore cannot be effectively queried or used. It is therefore imperative that these procedures be followed correctly - "to the letter".

Before you start

  • New Device = The current name of the new machine (that is replacing the old machine) in the Ardexa cloud.

  • Old Device = The current name of the old machine in the Ardexa cloud. It may be offline.

THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT: If this new device has been running for some time (say greater than a few hours), then the following procedure means that the new data being collected by the new device, will be lost. If you don't want this to happen, then do NOT follow this procedure. In these cases it may be better to rename the device to "...._OLD", and hence the old data is retained.

Replacing the certificate

  • Identify and write down the "old" and "new" device....

    • New Device = {Current name}

    • Old Device = {Current name}

  • Open the target workgroup and browse to DEVICES

  • Open the menu for the broken/old device and select "Reissue certificate"

    • Select the option "Download a certificate pack containing the updated certificate"

    • Click Download. Clearly identify this as the old device

  • Make sure the replacement/new device is online

  • OPTIONAL: If required, change to the workgroup containing the replacement device and browse to Devices

  • Open the menu for the replacement device and select "Move workgroup"

  • Click the Browse button and open the Certificate Pack for the old device, you downloaded in the step above

  • Click Move

    • The replacement device will go offline and then re-appear as the old device

    • If there are any errors during the process, the changes will roll back and the replacement device will come back online so that you can try again.

  • Remove the old device. Do this once you are absolutely confident, since this is an irreversible process. Double check you are deleting the old device. You must remove the old device, since if it does come back online for any reason, complex problems could ensue.

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