Serial Test

Serial Test Plugin

This is a plugin to test 2 serial ports. It will report if data sent on one port has been received on another serial port. For this to work, the two serial ports must be connected via a crossover cable, so that the RxD of one device is sent to the TxD of the other device, and vice versa. Contact Ardexa if you are not sure how to set this up. If it works ok, running the discover command (see below), will show something like: the following. Please check the sent and received messages are the same.

Setting speed of both ports to 38400
Wrote: "Write Test 12345" to serial line: /dev/ttyUSB1
Received: "Write Test 12345" on port: /dev/ttyUSB0
This request took: 0.01231837272644043 seconds.


Usage: serial_test discover {Listen Serial Port} {Write Serial Port} --baud {value}

  • Command argument can only be discover

  • The Listen Serial Port and the Write Serial Port cannot be the same. If a port does not exist or cannot be opened, and error will be shown.

  • The --baud must be an integer, and can be any value up to the maximum allowed by the serial port. The default is 38400

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