EXPECT_ERROR: Decimal conversion failed

Found in agent_errors table

There are generally two causes of this error:

  • A non-numeric character was logged to a field with the "decimal" type

  • An extremely small (<1e-24) or large number (>1e64) was logged

Non-numeric character

Simply update the code that produced the non-numeric character to only output numbers or an empty field. Move any error messages to a new field.

Extremely small numbers

Numbers under 1e-24 cannot be handled by the system. These number should instead be scaled and the units changed. Generally speaking, try not to log values less that 0.000001. If you have existing data that contains these very small values, here is a small script to replace the tiny values with 0 and append the data back to latest.csv.

grep -h '[0-9]e-[2-9][0-9]' 2021-05*.csv |
  sed -r 's/,-?[0-9]\.[0-9]*e-[34][0-9],/,0,/g' >> latest.csv

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