About Ardexa

What Does Ardexa Do?

We do the last 10 cm to the other side of the earth.

Ardexa is in the business of securely wiring up your infrastructure devices, all machines, in every industry, so that you can access your data and control your assets, centrally and in ways you may not have thought was possible from anywhere at anytime.

We make it easy to bridge the air gap between your device and the cloud. The magic to this is in our architecture; decoupled simplicity, durability and secure by design.

Imagine a highly secure and simple way to allow your devices to talk to the cloud. A tiny, self-contained agent means your efforts are focused where they count the most: your device. No SDK, no protocol debates, no security nightmares, no APIs to wrangle.

We can connect your equipment with a hardware device at the edge, or our Cloud Devices connected to your plant via your VPN.

Enterprises across the globe are struggling to mobilize their devices and join the Internet of Things (IoT). A robust solution requires much more than just an Internet connection: data collection, security, metadata, remote control, file transfers to and from devices, task scheduling and troubleshooting are just some of the issues that need to be tackled.

Ardexa is a ready-made app to rapidly and securely connect your device to the cloud, without needing to become a security professional.

Further information on our products can be found here.

What makes us different?

We do not punch holes through firewalls.

We use digital certificates.

We encrypt all communications.

We provide hardware or Cloud (virtual) device at the edge

We can maintain software remotely.

We can log commands and instructions.

We can provide multiple data feeds simultaneously.

We can store data locally and/or in the cloud.

We implement real-time connection.

We move any data types, including videos, photographs, etc.

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