Note: Ardexa hosts clouds in multiple regions as subdomains of Where you see a reference to mycloud in this document, replace it with the appropriate subdomain for your cloud, eg: -> or

How to generate a list of Device names and IDs

The following command (uses curl and jq) can be used on any workgroup that you have access to to get a list of device names and their IDs

curl -s -H "Authorization: Bearer $TOKEN" https://[mycloud]${WORKGROUPID} | jq -r '.[] | "\(.name): \(.id)"'


  • TOKEN = your API or User token

  • WORKGROUPID = is the ID of the target Workgroup (Admin -> Workgroup)

Building Searches

The following provide examples on how you can go about constructing messages against one of the Ardexa APIs

Search Scenarios, Operators and Examples

`=` (equals)

        "field": "action", 
        "operator": "=", 
        "value": "send" 


        "field": "action", 
        "operator": "IN", 
        "value": ["send","get","rename"]

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