Configuring the Daily Energy process

To configure the daily energy process, you will need the Daily Energy Addon enabled for your workgroup. Contact Ardexa Support or your Account Manager to enquire about this.

Daily Energy Configuration

Once the Daily Energy addon has been added to the workgroup, and with the right permission, it can be found in the Admin > Reports > Daily Energy tab.


The Daily Energy process calculates the total energy produced by Devices & Sources in the Workgroup for each day. For this to work, we need to unambiguously define when a "day" starts and ends in your Workgroup, by selecting a timezone option:

  • My timezone: uses your current local timezone for all devices in the workgroup

  • UTC

  • Device timezone: uses the individual timezone of each device

  • Other timezone: specifies a single timezone to use for all devices in a workgroup

Energy Streams (Calculation methods)

The daily energy process uses three methods to calculate daily energy. These are "Daily Difference", "Max After 8am" and "Area Under Curve". The process will attempt to calculate daily energy using these methods that order.

In the recent change, terms for these methods were changed:

  • Daily Energy Difference -> Total Energy

  • Max After 8am -> Daily Energy

  • Area Under Curve -> Power Curve

Total Energy (Daily Difference)

This method is intended for use on Total Energy counter fields. It will find the maximum and minimum values, and take the difference between the two as the produced energy for that day.

To use a Total Energy counter field to calculate daily energy, click the Add button and select the field from the list.

Daily Energy(Max After 8am)

This method is intended for use on Daily Energy counter fields. These fields may reset overnight, so values before 8 am are ignored. The maximum field value for the day will be used as the daily energy value.

Power Curve (Area Under Curve)

This method will attempt to derive daily energy production by calculating the area under the power curve for the given day. This is typically less accurate than using an energy counter, so is attempted only when an energy counter cannot be found on the source.

Checks and Exclusions

Maximum Inverter Power / Maximum sunlight hours per day

This setting allows you to validate daily energy values against the rated maximum power output of your inverters. To enable this check, choose a source-level metadata item that defines the maximum inverter power output, and enter a value for the number of sunlight hours per day. The default # of hours is 13.

If the value calculated by the daily energy process is greater than the maximum power multiplied by the maximum sunlight hours, it will be flagged as an anomaly and discarded.

Check against energy estimate? / Energy Estimate Threshold Percentage

If energy estimates are enabled in your workgroup, you can opt to check daily energy values against the energy estimate. If the calculated daily energy is greater than the specified percentage of the energy estimate, the value will be flagged as an anomaly.


Maximum Gap Period


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Minimum daily energy value


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