Install (ARM or X86)
How to install the agent
For most users, the Debian package (DEB) will be your method of installation. This includes
  • Debian Jessie or higher
  • Ubuntu: all currently supported versions
  • Raspbian Jessie or higher
  • ArdexaLinux (based on Debian)
Installing the Agent in Linux
NOTE: Ardexa Devices provided to enterprise users have the Ardexa Agent pre-installed.
However, if manual installation is required this can be achieved either by:
  • installing from a USB stick, or
  • installing via a browser on the device to download the package.
The agent is a standard Debian (Linux) package and is installed using standard Debian tools. Once you have loaded the agentPack onto the target device, unzip it and run the following command:
Each agentPack will be named according to your workgroup ID and the name of the device. We represent these variables using the ${VARIABLE} syntax. DO NOT type the ${VARIABLE} sections, but instead replace them with the appropriate values for your device.
Linux command shells have a feature call "TAB completion" which can save you lots of time and avoid errors. For example, when typing the following commands, you can just enter unzip agent and then press the TAB button. If there is only one filename that starts with agent, the shell will auto-complete the rest of the name. If the name is not auto-completed, press TAB a second time to see the available options and you can enter more character until you get a unique match.
The same applies to the dpkg command, type sudo dpkg -i ardexa and then press TAB to auto-complete the rest of the filename
unzip agentPack-${WORKGROUP_ID}-${DEVICE_NAME}.zip
sudo dpkg -i ardexa_${VERSION}_${ARCH}-${DEVICE_NAME}.deb
The Ardexa Agent will now be installed and if you are already connected to the internet you should see the agent come online within a few seconds.
If the agent does not come online within one minute, please refer to the Troubleshooting guide.

Checking and Verifying the Agent

NOTE: Ensure your device is connected either via an ethernet cable or via WiFi.
Post configuration of your Device, the Ardexa Agent will comes online and appear in your Workgroup in the Ardexa cloud application. The figure below shows how to identify whether a device is on or offline. If for some reason you find the agent is not available then please follow our troubleshooting guide or otherwise reach out to our support team here.
Offline and Online devices
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