Energy addons

Energy workgroups with reporting enabled will display additional information in the workgroup overview. This includes a summary of actual vs. expected energy produced across the workgroup, and the following fields for each device:

  • Actual energy produced per device

  • Performance ratio %

  • Inverter performance

  • Days with Data

  • kWh / kWp

Performance Ratio

This column will display the difference between actual & expected energy over the selected time frame as a percentage figure. Under-performing inverters are displayed in red, while over-performing are displayed in blue.

Days with no actual energy reading are excluded from calculating this ratio, to prevent devices that have been offline from presenting as under-performing.

Inverter Performance

This column displays a summary of the number of inverters at each plant failing to meet a performance threshold of 80% of estimated energy over the selected time frame.

Days with Data

This column displays the number of days out of the selected period for which an energy reading is present for all energy sources on the device. A value of less than the number of days can indicate that a device, or a source on that device has not reported data to the Ardexa cloud recently; or an issue with batch energy processing in the Ardexa cloud.

kWh / kWp

This column displays the actual energy output over the selected time frame in relative to the plant's peak power output, as defined in device & source metadata.

This column can be enabled on the Admin -> Dashboards page in energy-enabled workgroups by selecting the "Show kWh / kWp" option and appropriate peak power output metadata items at the device and source level.

See Metadata for a description of how to define device and source level metadata items.

CSV Downloads

The above data items will be included when downloading a CSV file from the Workgroup overview or an energy-producing device's overview dashboard. If available, meter and budget data will also be included in this CSV file.

Note: metered and budgeted energy are stored against meter codes, not Ardexa devices. Meter Codes may be mapped to many devices. Where this occurs, meter and/or budgeted energy will be divided equally between the mapped devices. See meter sites for more information.

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