Tunnel (Ardexa Remote)


This is a special version of the remote access suite specifically for accessing web pages on your remote network. It does not need any special software and is therefore compatible with any device that has a browser such as a laptop, tablet or even a phone. All you need is the IP address and port of the web service you want to access and the Ardexa remote web service will proxy the request for you: no VPN, no tunnel, but still secure using HTTPS.

  • Click New Connection

  • Fill in the IP and port number

  • Select HTTPS mode if the remote page uses an encrypted connection

    • If you enter port 443, then HTTPS mode will be automatically enabled

    • HTTPS is always used when connecting to the Ardexa proxy, this setting only governs the use of encryption between the ardexa agent and the remote web page

  • FAST tunnel can be disabled if you are having problems connecting, otherwise we recommend leaving this enabled

    • The system will attempt to detect if FAST mode is blocked by the remote network firewall and automatically disable the feature.

  • Click Connect

A new entry will appear in the list of connections. Connections are valid for 30 minutes.

  1. Open site in a new tab

  2. Open insecure site in a new tab

    • On rare occassions, some sites may fail when attempting to load using Ardexa's secure proxy server. In those cases, this link will open the site using an insecure connection to the proxy server.

    • MUST use an incognito or private browsing session otherwise the connection will still fail. This is because the entire ardexa.com domain uses "Strict Transport Security" (HSTS) and therefore, your browser will automatically redirect you to the secure link (which doen't work). The only way to circumvent this setting is to temorarily use incognito/private browsing mode.

    • Right click on the link and select

      • Open link in incognito window (Chrome)

      • Open link in new private window (Firefox)

  3. Close the connection

TCP Port

Ardexa Remote allows you to gain access to TCP based services (eg; HTTP, SSH) on the remote plant's network. To use the TCP port functionality, you will need to install the latest version of Ardexa Remote

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