Ardexa's Labelling features allow you to add structure and convention to device configurations across your Workgroup. It is used to enable advanced Alerting and Dashboard features. Labelling can be accessed by navigating to: Admin -> Workgroup -> Labelling Tab

Creating a Label

To create a label, click the Create label button on the Labels tab. Enter a name for the label and click the tick button:

Once created, the label can be renamed, or deleted.

The 'Apply to more sources' button can be used to apply the label to sources across many devices:

Device pattern can be used to match against device name, while source pattern will match against the source name. Selections can be fine-tuned by individually ticking the check-boxes on devices and/or sources.


After creating at least one label, you can apply it to one or more sources on the Sources tab. This tab also enables you to define a hierarchy of sources on each device in the workgroup.

To get started, select your device from the Device list:

Selecting Sources

You can filter the list of displayed sources using the filter box in the Source table. Click the checkbox adjacent to each source to select / de-select a given source. The checkbox in the table header toggles selection of all displayed sources.

Applying a Label

To add a label to an individual source, click the (+) button, and choose a label from the drop-down list:

With one or more sources selected, you can click the Add label dropdown in the "Labels" section. Click the label you want to add, and it will be added to the sources you have selected.

Saving / Discarding changes

After applying a label, you will need to click "Save changes" at the top right to persist your changes. Discard changes will revert any local changes made since the last save. This is required for any changes made on this page.

Removing a Label

To remove a label from a single source, click the X button on the source's label:

To remove labels from one or more sources, first select them in the source table. A list of the labels applied to the selected sources will be shown in the Labels section. Click the cross on the label(s) you wish to remove.

Source Hierarchies

The sources tab can also be used to define a hierarchy of sources on a device. This will be used in the future to define multi-level dashboards and elsewhere in the application.

Sources can be dragged onto other sources to define a parent-child relationship:

Multiple selected sources can also be made children of another source by using the 'Send to source' button.

For example, to make both 'switch' sources children of widget-01, you could enter a filter of 'switch', hit the select all checkbox, and click 'Send to source':

Sending sources back to the top-level

To send a child source back to the top-level, click the up arrow button.

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