External Sources

Everything about externally sourced data ingested into your workgroup

About External Data Sources

External data sources can be ingested into the Ardexa Web App so you can relate and investigation relationships to your Ardexa sourced data.

Speak with your account manager who will help you to setup an externally sourced data ingestion.

Ingestion Architecture

Ingestion Types

Ardexa offer the following types of data ingestion pathways in preferential order:

  • API (preferred)

  • SFTP

  • attachments over email (less desirable)

We can also setup for you cloud devices that can run ardexa agents to ingest your data.

Data Structure

We support standard structured messages and files, for example:

  • JSON

  • XML

  • CSV

As a general approach we avoid unstructured sources and documents such as:

  • PDF

  • Word

  • web page/screen scraping.

Origin of Sources

The location or origin of your external data source is mostly unlimited. Generally, it only has to meet the above criteria of the Data Ingestion Architecture.


When your external source ingestion exercise has completed testing the Ardexa team will create an entry in the new administration view available to workgroup owners and accounts with admin permissions: Admin -> Data -> External Sources Tab

This view provides a summary of all your externally sourced data and its relevant attributes.

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