Safety & Risk Notice

Hardware installation safety and risk


Ardexa is a software company specializing in device management, data management and security. It provides software and related services to manage data and control devices from a cloud service.

Devices (equipment) need to be installed by clients to complete a machine connection. These devices are typically industrial computers, small board computers or control boards. When installations have to be made at a client site, it is important to understand the responsibilities of each party.

Equipment installations will always be led by client engineering representatives or their appointed sub-contractors. Ardexa may make general suggestions on equipment, software and/or methods, however it is the final responsibility of the client and their appointed engineering / technical operators to make the final decision, in light of local plant, operational, environmental or regulations. All installations require direct client or client’s engineering approval before commencement.

This installation guide has been designed with plant and people safety as a primary concern.


The final decision on installation standards rests with Ardexa clients, their engineers and technicians. Technicians or engineers that are installing equipment must:

  • Be qualified to install such hardware or equipment and authorised by Ardexa client

  • Confirm that selected equipment, accessories and cabling is suitable for plant conditions

  • Confirm that hardware specifications meets the environmental and operation conditions of the plant

  • Read all safety instructions provided with equipment or hardware

  • Advise Ardexa immediately if safety or installation instructions are not delivered with equipment or hardware

  • Install all hardware (including cabling) for 220-240V and 24V to regulatory and industrial standards

  • If equipment or hardware has been delivered pre-wired, please ensure that wiring has been completed to correct industry and safety standards.

  • Provide lockable cabinet, room or panel to protect all equipment or hardware

  • Contact Ardexa if there is any support required

  • Stop all installation work and/or remove equipment or hardware, if installation is not safe for normal operations

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