Resource Usage


This is a plugin that captures CPU and Memory usage, and sends the data to the black_box table. These variables will be collected:

CPU Usage:

user: time spent by normal processes executing in user mode; on Linux this also includes guest time
system: time spent by processes executing in kernel mode
idle: time spent doing nothing
nice: time spent by niced (prioritized) processes executing in user mode; on Linux this also includes guest_nice time
iowait: time spent waiting for I/O to complete. This is not accounted in idle time counter.
irq: time spent for servicing hardware interrupts
softirq: time spent for servicing software interrupts

Memory Usage:

total: total physical memory (exclusive swap).
available: the memory that can be given instantly to processes without the system going into swap. This is calculated by summing different memory values depending on the platform and it is supposed to be used to monitor actual memory usage in a cross platform fashion.
used: memory used, calculated differently depending on the platform and designed for informational purposes only. total - free does not necessarily match used.
free: memory not being used at all (zeroed) that is readily available; note that this doesn’t reflect the actual memory available (use available instead)
active: memory currently in use or very recently used, and so it is in RAM.
inactive: memory that is marked as not used.
buffers: cache for things like file system metadata.
cached: cache for various things.
shared: memory that may be simultaneously accessed by multiple processes.

Date and Time

current Epoch (seconds since 1970)
current datetime string with timezone data

Load Averages (divided by the number of cores)

One Min Load Average
Five Min Load Average


Usage: ardexa_monitor log|discover

  • Command argument can be log or discover

  • A log verb will collect data and send it to the cloud.

  • A discover verb will show the data that is to be collected.