The [SEARCHES] tab

What is the Ardexa Search?

The Search_-_Tab.png tab within Ardexa Web Application is a view that provides you the ability to retrieve, view and analyse your historical data collected from your workgroup devices, your sources and from your teams user activity within the application itself.

In summary, The Ardexa SEARCHES view provides you with the following capabilities:




Tabulated results of search data


Download result data as a CSV (comma separated) file


Graphically display raw search result data (numerical data types only)


Generate a report of pre-set statistical formulae over your search results (on fields of numerical data types only)


A combination of VIZ and STATS provided to you to build graphical views, where, graph displayed = search results + applied statistical formula

The next sections provide a detailed breakdown on each of these search functions.

The Search View Layout

The layout of the [SEARCHES] view is divided by the search builder section and the search results section.