Clavis XML Server


The purpose of this plugin is to read from Wind Turbine data, via the Clavis XML DA Server.

Configuration of the Ardexa Edge Device

Ensure you have read a copy of the manufacturer's operating and safety manual. Please review the manual for safety instructions. PLEASE ALSO NOTE: This plugin is designed for collection from specific, custom variables (see below). Ardexa uses the Clavis XML DA server to read live and historical data. The XML Server uses a SOAP-based web server to provide access to the data. Ardexa needs to know the IP address of the Clavis XML DA server for the plant, and the authentication details. Once the Ardexa edge device is installed on the plant's network, verify that it can "ping" the XML Server using the following command in the REMOTE SHELL (replace the IP address with the IP address of the XML Server):

ping -c 1

Also, check that the TCP Port for XML Server is open. You can do this using the REMOTE SHELL, using the nmap command as follows. You can also use curl to check you get a valid XML response.

nmap -sS -p {PORT}

Please don't forget to send to Ardexa:

  1. Clear photographs of the installation

  2. The IP address and port of the Clavis XML DA Server

  3. The authentication details to the server (see below)

  4. The quantity and model numbers of all wind turbines at the park


This Ardexa plugin will read the wind turbine data in real time, and send it to the Ardexa cloud, from the Clavis XML DA server. The plugin will read all the data at the required frequency of collection. It is recommended that a single scenario be constructed to collect all the data every 1 minute. Ardexa will only send data to the cloud if the timestamp of the last reading has changed. This plugin collects selected data from the following CSV items:

wp3000-data-csv   .. windlive
wp3000-event-csv  .. logbook
wp3000-status-csv .. logbook

It will not collect data from the following CSV items


Check that data is being read correctly using the discover command as follows: clavis_opcxml discover /opt/ardexa/config/clavis-opcxml/config.yaml, or via the dynamic plugin page.


  • IP Address This is the IP address of the OPC XML DA server (Mandatory) ..something like:

  • Port The TCP Port to talk to the XML servers

  • The Clavis OPC XML Server requires authentication, in the form of a userid and password.

The authentication YAML should look something like this:

port: 8080
user: user
password: password

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