RESI Real Time Clock Plugin


The purpose of this plugin is to use the RESI Real Time Clock (RTC).


This plugin will only work for the RTC installed in RESI machines (See: Some of the RESI single board computers come bundled with an RTC. This plugin will set and use this RTC when there is no NTP available. If the host datetime and/or the RESI RTC datetime is changed, a real time event will be sent to the time table in the Ardexa cloud. A change event will be initiated when either of the the following conditions are met:

a. A check will be made every 1 hour. If NTP is running, and the RTC is out by more than 5 secs, the RTC will be corrected and an event logged.

b. A check will be made every 1 hour. If NTP is not running, and the host datetime is out by more than 5 secs, the host datetime will be corrected, based on the RTC datetime, and an event logged.

At boot, all LEDs will be turned off. This event will not be logged. If his plugin is installed on a machine that is not a RESI device or one which does not have a RTC installed, it will not affect the operation of the machine. But the host datetime will not be controlled by this plugin. To check correct operation of this plugin, run the command: resi_rtc discover on the remote shell.


There are no arguments associated with this plugin. For debug purposes, check the following: a. resi_rtc discover .. to check correct operation of the plugin (time will not be changed) b. resi_rtc -v hourly ... script that is run hourly. Time WILL be changed. c. resi_rtc atboot ... script that is run At boot. LEDs will be turned off if they are ON.

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