Colour and logo

Workgroup Owners can set up a custom colour and logo for their workgroup


Browse to Admin -> Workgroup -> Settings. Tick the [Custom Theme] option. Here you can set the Primary colour for the workgroup using the RGB hex code. You can also select the desired text colour to match your new theme colour.

Setting a custom primary colour and text colour

On the right hand side of the screen there is a sample heading, buttons and dropdown list so that you can check the new colour scheme before saving the settings.

Theme sample

Once you are happy with the colour choices, click [Update Workgroup Settings] to save the colours and apply them to the entire site.


To upload a custom logo, either drag-and-drop an image onto the capture area or click [Choose Files]. Logo images are limited to a maximum of 500KB, and smaller images will load faster. The logo will be displayed at a height of 45px, so we recommend scaling your image before you upload.

Click [Start Uploads] to save the logo as the default for your workgroup.

Click [Start Uploads] to save the new logo

Once the upload is complete, refresh the page to load the new logo.