Using the VPN

Ardexa Remote offers 2 types of access: a Tunnel access or a VPN access, from the client software. The VPN will join the remote plant's connection to your network. For this to happen, the two networks must use different IP addressing. If this is not possible, then you cannot establish a VPN connection.

To use the VPN functionality, use the Ardexa Remote desktop. Login in to the application, and navigate to the VPN tab, as shown below. All the interfaces available on the remote Ardexa edge device be shown. Select the interface that is required, and select START VPN.

Like the Tunnel, there are a few options that can be selected via the ARROW, next to START TUNNEL. These are:

  • Debug mode. This is to run the desktop application in debug mode. Ignore this unless otherwise directed by Ardexa.

  • View logs. This is to view the connection logs. If there are problems, Ardexa may ask for a copy of these logs.

  • Custom coupler. This is to use a custom connection coupler. Ignore this unless otherwise directed by Ardexa.

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