Irradiation Extract

This feature will email a monthly extract of total irradiation received by each configured site in the workgroup. The email will be sent on the first day of the month, which will include data from the previous calendar month.

Recipients can be added by either selecting an existing workgroup member, or manually entering an email address.

Sites with a single panel orientation will contain the global inclined irradiation matching the site's panel orientation.

Sites with multiple panel orientations will contain the global horizontal irradiation.

For each device, the total monthly irradiation and a daily total for each day will be displayed. All irradiation is in kWh/m2kWh/m^2.

Example CSV headers:

name,deviceId,Irradiation type,Available days,Total irradiation,YYYY-MM-01,YYYY-MM-02,...,YYYY-MM-30


  • name: Device name

  • deviceId: Device ID in the Ardexa Cloud

  • Irradiation type: Global Horizontal or Global Inclined

  • Available days: # of days with an irradiation reading greater than zero for the given device

  • Total irradiation: total irradiation received during the report period

  • YYYY-MM-DD: total irradiation received at the site on the given date

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