Access via SSH

ArdexaLinux has a firewall enabled by default that blocks all incoming connections. While the SSH service is enabled by default on ArdexaLinux, it is blocked by the firewall to any external address. This means that you can access the SSH port using the Ardexa TUNNEL feature from the cloud. But not from the local network.

To access SSH via the local network, you must open the firewall to allow access.

! WARNING: You MUST change the password BEFORE you open SSH access to the local network ! See Update password

Not changing the password is a major security risk.

To check the status of the firewall, and open up the SSH port on the local device, undertake the following commands. NOTE: These commands can be executed from the Remote Shell in the cloud.

ufw status
ufw enable ssh
ufw enable 22/tcp
ufw status

And to disable the service when you are finished

ufw delete allow ssh
ufw delete allow 22/tcp
ufw status

To enable any specific port or service, e.g. SSH, run either of the following commands using the Remote Shell. You can use either the service name (if it is a common service such as SSH or HTTP) or the specific port and protocol. Both of these commands achieve the same result.

The Linux firewall in use is UFW

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