Automated API Token Renewal

Note: Ardexa hosts clouds in multiple regions as subdomains of Where you see a reference to mycloud in this document, replace it with the appropriate subdomain for your cloud, eg: -> or

When you are issued an API token, there's a good chance it will be a "self-renewing" token. So rather than manually generating a new token (or having one sent to you) each time your existing token expires, instead you can use your existing token to fetch a new token with an updated expiry date. This article will explain the procedure to automate the process.

Using your existing, non-expired token, send a GET request to https://[mycloud] This will return an object with a token property containing your new token.

API token renewal

GET https://[mycloud]





Your existing token in the form bearer $TOKEN


For example, using curl:

curl -H "authorization: bearer $TOKEN" https://[mycloud]

If your token has already expired, you will NOT be able to use the auto-renewal system. Please manually generate a new token or contact the workgroup owner.

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