Siemens IPC 127E Installation

Installing on the Siemens IPC 127E

Be sure to use the poweroff command when restarting rhe machine, since otherwise critical files may not be written after installation

The ArdexaLinux will run on a Siemens IPC 127 device. See: . The amd64 image must be used. To load the new image, do the following:

  1. Use Balena Etcher or equivalent to make a bootable USB disk using the amd64 image.

  2. Install DP display cable, power and USB keyboard/mouse.

  3. Turn power on and continuously press the ESCkey.

  4. The boot (BIOS) manager will appear. Select Setup Utility, then Boot. Make sure the USB Boot is enabled. F10 to Save and Exit. This will reboot the machine, so continuously press the ESCkey.

  5. The boot (BIOS) manager will appear. Select Boot Manager, and select the USB file that contains ArdexaLinux

  6. This will display the ArdexaLinux install page. Select Graphical Install. This will install ArdexaLinux. The installation process takes about 5 minutes.

  7. Make sure it boots after a power failure; turn the IPC by issuing the poweroff command. Then turn it on again. Make sure the computer boots to an Ardexa prompt

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