If you need or want antivirus on the edge, this guide will show you how

Getting antivirus working involves three main steps

  • Install the AV tool, in this case ClamAV

  • Update the virus definitions database

  • Set up a daily scan


apt update
apt install -y clamav clamav-daemon

Update virus database

The first time you run this command, it may take quite a long time, so we recommend running it in the background (disown) or using a tunnel connection to the local machine.


Check the output for any error or advice. For additional configuration options, check the documentation

The easiest way to run this regularly is to use the cron daemon. Create a file /etc/cron.d/clamav-freshclam and add the following content

N */2 * * * /usr/local/bin/freshclam --quiet

to check for a new database every two hours. N should be a number between 3 and 57 of your choice. Please don’t choose any multiple of 10, because there are already too many clients using those time slots. Proxy settings are only configurable via the configuration file.

Daily scan

Speak with your account manager to get the scripts to manage the daily scan and generate an ardexa log to be uploaded to the cloud (clamav-daily-scan and clamav-csv-summary).

Adhoc scan

Scan a file

clamscan /path/to/file

Scan a directory

clamscan --recursive=yes --infected /home

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