Automatic Modem Connection

The recommended way to use modems

This is the recommended way to use a modem with your Ardexa edge device. If there is a valid SIM card installed in the modem, and it is within coverage of the provider's area, then the modem will automatically attempt to connect to the Internet. The Ardexa edge device will then use this modem interface to communicate with the Internet. If an Ethernet or Wifi connection is in place, then the modem will not be used. This is a design feature.

When using the modem in automatic mode:

  1. Ensure you have iface-manager plugin version 1.6.3 or greater installed

  2. Remove or disconnect all Ethernet and wifi interfaces

  3. Insert a valid SIM into the modem

  4. Attach an antenna (strongly recommended, but not a requirement)

  5. Leave the Ardexa edge device to connect automatically. This may take a few minutes

To speed things along (or just to test the connection while ethernet/wifi are connected), you can manually run ardexa_modem connect to launch the automatic connection.

If you or someone has attempted a manual configuration, then this will prevent the modem connection being activated automatically. Look in the /etc/netctl directory. If there is a file called modem and you want to switch to automatic mode, then remove it. There should be a file called modem-auto (legacy mode) or wwan0 (WWAN mode) once the connection is established, or the Ardexa device attempts a connection. You can also see all available interfaces via the command netctl list. See the section below for troubleshooting commands.

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