Soltec Trackers

Soltec Tracker

The purpose of this plugin is to read data from Soltec Trackers via OPCUA.


This plugin relies on the OPCUA plugin. Make sure you have been granted access to the OPCUA plugin. You can run a discover without a configuration file. In this case, all the variables in the Soltec OPCUA namespace are displayed in a hierarchical tree format. If the debug is run from the command line with a debug value of -v, the actual values for all the namespace nodes will also be displayed. The returned tree will look something like this:

        Name: Objects.Ardexa.SensorField_15 namespace_index: 2. NodeID: ns=2;s=Ardexa/SensorField_15
            Name: Objects.Ardexa.SensorField_15.WGF34 namespace_index: 2. NodeID: ns=2;s=Ardexa/SensorField_15/WGF34
                Name: Objects.Ardexa.SensorField_15.WGF34.Ard125 namespace_index: 2. NodeID: ns=2;s=Ardexa/SensorField_15/WGF34/Ard125
                    Name: Objects.Ardexa.SensorField_15.WGF34.Ard125.Ard125.Addr namespace_index: 2. NodeID: ns=2;s=Ardexa/SensorField_15/WGF34/Ard125.Addr
                    Name: Objects.Ardexa.SensorField_15.WGF34.Ard125.Ard125.Rotation_Value namespace_index: 2. NodeID: ns=2;s=Ardexa/SensorField_15/WGF34/Ard125.Rotation_Value
                    Name: Objects.Ardexa.SensorField_15.WGF34.Ard125.Ard125.Power namespace_index: 2. NodeID: ns=2;s=Ardexa/SensorField_15/WGF34/Ard125.Power
                    Name: Objects.Ardexa.SensorField_15.WGF34.Ard125.Ard125.Alarm namespace_index: 2. NodeID: ns=2;s=Ardexa/SensorField_15/WGF34/Ard125.Alarm
                    Name: Objects.Ardexa.SensorField_15.WGF34.Ard125.Ard125.Last_10_Temps namespace_index: 2. NodeID: ns=2;s=Ardexa/SensorField_15/WGF34/Ard125.Last_10_Temps

This plugin has an attached file called EXAMPLE_ONLY__DO_NOT_USE_THIS_FILENAME_IT_WILL_BE_OVERWRITTEN.txt. It is important YOU DO NOT USE THIS FILENAME. RENAME IT TO SUIT YOUR STATION. Each Soltec installation will almost certainly require a configuration file to be be developed. You can either do this manually based on the included example, or send it to Ardexa for development. Ardexa has a tool associated with this plugin that can quickly construct a configuration file(s) based on a discovery of the Soltec namespaces. If you require Ardexa to develop the configuration file(s), send the output of all namespaces to Ardexa. The Soltec server needs an authentication file. A file must be included in the auth_file area which must contain 2 items of information as follows:

    username: {whatever}
    password: {whatever}

The Soltec OPCUA connection string usually has a a suffix associated with it. For example, the connection string may be something like: "opc.tcp://, where 12686 is the TCP port. The /opcua at the end is a suffix.


  • IP Address .. something like:

  • configuration File full path ... this is the config file discussed above.

  • --port This is an optional entry denoting the TCP Port of the Soltec OPCUA server. It is defaulted to 4840

  • --namespace_index. This is an optional entry only available when using discover. It is the namespace for which to discover variables. It is defaulted to 0

  • --auth_file ... this is the authentication file discussed above.

  • --suffix. This is the suffix, which is set to a default of ``

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