Wind Park Networks

This page helps technical operators to determine the best way to set up the gateway device at the wind park network, so that the wind park data server is accessible and data can flow to the Internet.

Ardexa machine has two LAN ports

Generally speaking there are two ways the Ardexa Machine operates

  • Use 1 LAN: A single access point (DHCP or static IP) where we can BOTH access the data server(OPC/ODBC) and the internet

  • Use 2 LAN: One LAN connection (DHCP or static IP) to access the data server and the other LAN connection to subnet with internet access (DHCP or static IP)

When using 2 LANs, there are many different scenarios that will work when trying to access the data server:

  • Direct connection to the OPC/ODBC server. Some data servers have a spare ethernet port with a static IP address. We can directly connect to this port.

  • Access a subnet with the data server directly attached

  • Access a subnet that does not have internet access, but allows us to route to the data server in another subnet.

  • Access to a subnet that has a Proxy Server that we can use to access the data server (usually OPC XML)

Instructions on changing network settings on ArdexaLinux can be found here.

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