Configure your UNO-2362G machines prior to Linux image install

Edge machines may require certain configurations to be undertaken prior to installation of a Linux image.


  • The following configurations are specific to the machines:

    • UNO-2362G

  • The following configurations should be executed in the order presented below.

  • Do not attempt a Linux image install until the following configurations are complete.


When power is applied PWR light is ORANGE

During the boot cycle the PWR light is GREEN

If the PWR light remains ORANGE, push the WHITE or BLACK PWR push-button.

To Access BIOS Settings

Hit the [F2] key during boot sequence to enter BIOS mode.

Configure BIOS Settings

After entering the BIOS settings on the machine, review and change the following as required:

  • MENU: Advanced >

    • ACPI Settings >

      • ACPI Sleep State:Suspend Disabled

      • Enable ACPI Auto Configuration:Disabled

    • USB Configuration >

      • USB3.0 Support: Enabled

      • EHCI Hand-off:Enabled

      • XHCI Hand-off:Enabled

      • Legacy USB Support:Enabled

    • Super IO Configuration >

      • Watch Dog Control: Disabled

  • MENU: Chipset >

    • South Bridge >

      • SB Power State Configuration >

        • Restore on AC Power Loss: Power On

        • USB 2.0(EHCI) Support:Disabled

        • USB Per Port Control:Enabled

  • MENU: Boot >

    • Set Prompt Timeout:2

  • MENU: Save & Exit >

    • Save Changes

    • Boot Override >

      • Select: USB Stick...this will boot the machine using the USB stick

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