SMA Power Plant Controllers


The purpose of this plugin is to collect data from SMA Power Plant Controllers (PPC-10).


This plugin collects from SMA Power Plant Controllers (PPC-10). It uses the Modbus protocol and collects data via TCP. PPC data will be collected to the solar table and will be run every 5 minutes, by default. This plugin relies on the Modbus Ardexa plugin. The following data will be collected for the ANALYZER 1 and ANALYZER 2 data...

Variable Name                   Units
AC Power                        W
Reactive Power                  var
AC Voltage                      V
Grid Freq                       Hz
Cos Phi                         
AC Voltage 1-2                  V 
AC Voltage 2-3                  V
AC Voltage 3-1                  V
AC Current 1                    A
AC Current 2                    A
AC Current 3                    A
Active Power Supplied           GWh
Active Power Drawn              GWh

The following data will be collected for the PPC data...

Variable Name                   Units
Outside Temperature             °C
PV Module Temperature           °C
Solar Radiation 1               W/m^2
Solar Radiation 2               W/m^2
AC Power                        W
Reactive Power                  var
AC Voltage                      V
Grid Freq                       Hz
Cos Phi
Active Power Setpoint           MW
Reactive Power Setpoint         Mvar
Voltage Control Setpoint        kV
Cos Phi Setpoint
Tan Phi Setpoint
Operating State
Status Netanalyzer1
Status Netanalyzer2
Operating State PPC

On some units you many need to retrieve the data from Port 503 or 504. Also, be aware that you may need 3 attempts with a delay of 2 seconds between commands for the plugin to collect all the data reliably from the PPC. See the arguments below.


Arguments are as follows:

  • endpoint. This is either a serial device like /dev/ttyS0 or an IP or DNS like

  • bus_addresses. The modbus address for the PPC is fixed for this plugin. Changing the address will not change the plugin.

  • --port. This is an optional parameter used in an Ethernet gateway, and is the TCP port used for the gateway. Default is 502

  • --attempts. This is an optional parameter, and determines how many times to times to attempt to read an PPC value. Default is 1

  • --delay. This is the delay in seconds between PPC send and receive commands, AND if attempts > 1. Fractions like 0.3 can be used. Default is 0.05

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