Senvion Wind Turbines


The purpose of this plugin is to read from Senvion Wind Turbines, via the IEC interface.

Configuration of the Ardexa Edge Device

Ensure you have read a copy of the manufacturer's operating and safety manual. Please review the manual for safety instructions. Ardexa uses the IEC 61850 server to read live and historical data. The IEC 61850 Server is read via a the Ardexa IEC 61850 plugin. The IEC data is available from a default TCP Port 102 on the IP address for which the IEC Server is located. Ardexa needs to know the IP address of the IEC server for every WEC (Wind Turbine) and PMU (Grid Station), as below. Once the Ardexa edge device is installed on the plant's network, verify that it can "ping" every IEC Server using the following command in the REMOTE SHELL (replace the IP address with the IP address of your IEC Server):

ping -c 1

Also, check that the TCP Port for IEC Server is open for everry WEC and PMU. You can do this using the REMOTE SHELL, using the nmap command as follows.

nmap -sS -p 102

Please don't forget to send to Ardexa:

  1. Clear photographs of the installation

  2. The IP address for every IEC Server on each WEC and PMU. That is; an IP address for every grid station and wind turbine.

  3. The userid of the IEC Server

  4. The password of the IEC Server Please note that multiple logins with the same user name is not possible.

  5. The quantity and model numbers of all wind turbines at the park


This Ardexa plugin will read the Senvion data in real time, and send it to the Ardexa cloud. Almost all Senvion data is recorded at no less than 1 minute intervals, and some of it is stored historically at 10 minute intervals. The plugin will read 3 different types of datasets: live, logbook, 10m. Each PMU (Grid Station) and WEC (Wind Turbine) has its own IP address. The following scenarios are recommended to be configured as three separate scenarios, for each IP address (ie; evey WEC and PMU). Data for each dataset is sent to the cloud and resides in the tables listed below.

Dataset Name    Description                                         Collection Frequency    Table
10m             WEC/PMU values sent to the "wind10m" table          5 minutes               wind10m
live            Live WEC/PMU values sent to the "windlive" table    30 seconds              windlive
logbook         WEC/PMU Events sent to the "logbook" table          1 minute                logbook

Ardexa will only send data to the cloud if the timestamp of the last read has changed, for the historical data.


  • IP Address This is the IP address of the OPC XML DA server (Mandatory) ..something like:

  • Dataset This is either live, logbook, 10m

  • Auth file Senvion requires an authentication string as follows: -user#"iec.admin" -pass#"password_here". The user is the username supplied by the Senvion manager, as is the password. Please note that multiple logins with the same user name is not possible.

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