The ArdexaLinux Image

Our guides to help you manage and administer ArdexaLinux

The ArdexaLinux is a debian based Linux image produced by Ardexa. It contains features that support remote Internet of Things (IoT) installations. This version of Linux provides a number of benefits designed to provide your installation of Ardexa Devices as seamless, stable and ease-of-use experience as possible.

We recommend it be used for the following advantages:

  • The default network manager is updated for easier configuration and integration with systemctl.

  • Provided with tools to keep the Ardexa Agent alive.

  • Provided with tools to keep The Device alive, eg. watchdog

  • Inbuilt firewall enabled (UFW)

  • Pre-installed with Discovery Tools

  • Tools for network management, usb tethering, usb ethernet and 3g modem.

  • Black box recorder; tracks network availability, DNS and gateway.