Device Bulk Actions

Manage multiple Ardexa devices efficiently

The Device Bulk Actions page allows you to perform common device maintenance actions efficiently across many devices. This includes:

  • Transferring files to the same filesystem path on each device

  • Upgrading multiple agents

  • Managing machine plugins and ardpkg (Ardexa package manager)

This page can be accessed by clicking the "Bulk Actions" button on the devices page.

Once on the page, you can select one or more devices using the standard device selector on the left-hand-side. Each tab will then be updated with applicable information and/or actions to take on the selected devices.

Send Files

This tab functions similarly to the Send Files tab in the Devices page, but allows you to transfer the same file to many devices simultaneously. To transfer files, enter a destination directory

Please note that:

  • Only online devices are available for file transfers

  • The file transfer uses the Ardexa's broker, so a size limit of 2MB applies. SFTP transfer (used for large files) is not available on this page

Agent Upgrade

Online devices running an agent version other than the latest can be upgraded by clicking the "Upgrade all" button. Individual devices can be excluded from this by un-ticking the checkbox in the Select column.

Otherwise, individual devices can be upgraded by clicking on the upgrade button in the table.

Offline devices that are running an old version of the agent will also be listed.

Pre-upgrade checks

Prior to upgrading the agent, a series of checks will be run on the device to confirm that required software is installed and necessary configuration items are present.


As part of the upgrade process, the agent will go offline briefly, and then re-connect to the cloud.


Device's Agent Version Does not Update, Never Resolves or The Agent Reports Offline

A device reports success in it's upgrade but the value of the device's VERSION does not update, or reverts to the previous version, or The Agent is reported offline (not the device itself).

In this scenario the device itself has encountered an internal problem while attempting the upgrade. This may occur for a number of reasons and when it does it will invariably self-correct back to the previous version.

  1. Permit the device some time to self correct

  2. Check on the device's configuration to see if it has actually upgraded to the latest version

  3. Repeat the upgrade exercise if 1) is complete and 2) has not upgraded.

  4. If the device does not upgrade after a number of attempts please get in contact with your Ardexa Account Manager.


This tab allows you to view installed plugins on all online, selected devices.

Devices with an old version of ardpkg can have ardpkg upgraded by clicking the "Upgrade All Ardpkg" button.

Note: ardpkg cannot currently be upgraded on Cloud Devices.

Running the latest version of ardpkg is strongly recommended. If a device can have ardpkg upgraded, it will be upgraded first as part of any plugin upgrade performed on this screen.

Individual plugins can be selected in the filter on the Plugin column. Once a plugin is selected, all devices running an old version of the plugin can be upgraded with a single button click.

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