The Workgroup Metadata tab, accessed via Admin -> Workgroup -> Metadata Tab allows a workgroup administrator to define additional metadata fields attached to Devices and Sources in the workgroup. Defining these can enable additional cloud features such as mapping.

The Device General Information section defines device-level metadata fields. These fields will appear on the "General Info" tab on the Devices page for each device in the workgroup.

The Source General Information section defines source-level metadata fields. These will also appear on the "General Info" tab on the Devices page, with one set of fields for each source on the device.

Defining fields

To define a field, enter the field's key name into the input field and click the circular green check icon.

Once created, click the pencil icon to give the field a new key. Clicking the trash icon will delete the field immediately.

Latitude and Longitude

If Latitude and Longitude Device-level metadata fields are defined, the Devices page will use the values stored for each device in the workgroup to plot the device's location on a map on the Device General Info tab.

Manually entering values

Once device and/or source level metadata fields have been defined, they can be manually edited on the Devices page's General Info tab. Click 'Edit' on the field's context menu to bring up a dialog to enter a new value for the metadata item.

Source-level metadata

Source-level metadata can be viewed by selecting a source in the source dropdown. These items can be edited individually in the same manner as Device-level items.

All metadata items related to a source can be removed by pressing the Remove Source Metadata button.

Bulk uploading values

Manually entering values for an entire workgroup with many devices containing a large number of sources is not practical. The metadata page allows the user to bulk-upload metadata via a CSV file for either Device-level or Source-level information.

Before doing this, all metadata items must be defined at the device and/or source level.

To upload, click the "Bulk Upload Values" button underneath the Device or Source General Information section, as appropriate, and select the CSV file containing the metadata.

The CSV file must satisfy some formatting conventions to result in a successful upload:

A header line must be present in the file.

Device-level metadata must contain a header of device id.

Source-level metadata files must contain device id and source headers.

These specific headers can be anywhere in the header line. Values in these columns will be used to match devices and/or sources. Device IDs must be 36-character UUIDs assigned to the device by the Ardexa Cloud. Sources must be the exact source name defined in the device's configuration.

Other headers will be matched with the key names of metadata items defined in the workgroup. For example, values in a column with a Latitude header will be used to set the Latitude metadata item for the relevant device, according to the contents of the device id column. Headers that do not have a matching metadata item will be discarded.


Device-level metadata

device id,Latitude,Longitude,Comment
964245ae-e136-4cef-8f15-43f8417e7d7e,-35.270961,149.130855,Canberra device
808ebb14-2dea-4f14-9446-eb1adad88b91,-33.857170,151.215137,Sydney Opera House

Source-level metadata

device id,source,Operator,Manufacturer
964245ae-e136-4cef-8f15-43f8417e7d7e,widget-01,Jims Widget Operations,ACME Widgets
964245ae-e136-4cef-8f15-43f8417e7d7e,widget-02,Widgets-r-us,Australian Widget Company

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