Moving a Device Across Workgroups

This article provides instructions to move a device from one workgroup (the "Current") to another workgroup (the "Target"). Before you commence, you must confirm that:

  • you have appropriate privileges in both the "Current" and "Target" Workgroups, and

  • the device to be moved is connected to the Internet

  • the target device identity doesn't already belong to an active device, and

  • you do not need the historical data associated with the device, as historical data cannot be relocated to the Target Workgroup.

If these conditions are met, then proceed as follows:

  1. Go to the Target Workgroup and create a new device. Give the new device a name and then tick the box 'certificate only'. Then select 'Create'. The new certificate associated with the Target Workgroup has been created and downloaded onto your PC.

  2. Go to the Current Workgroup > Devices menu. Dropdown the menu on the device to be moved and select 'Move Workgroup'.

  3. Browse on your computer for the downloaded certificate pack.

  4. Select "Move"

  5. Wait until the device is automatically moved. The device will go online in the Target Workgroup and go offline in the Current Workgroup.

  6. Once the device comes online in the Current Workgroup, Test that the relocated device is responding well using Remote Shell.

  7. Please confirm that you are happy to delete device historical data in the "Current Workgroup". If not do not proceed any further.

  8. Once you confirm that you are happy to delete historical data, then delete the device from the "Current Workgroup" using the same dropdown as before. The procedure is complete.

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