Device Summary

Key device metrics at a glance

This view presents all devices in tabulated form with key device metrics and indicators to give you an idea of their current status.

The [Device Summary] view is the default workgroup view you will see when you open the Ardexa web app, except where your workgroup administrator has set an alternate default view.

Data for this view is sourced from the:

  • Cloud: 5 min point-in-time refresh duration - memory, disk, temp

  • Cloud: 15 min average, sampled x2/minute: CPU

  • Device: 30 min refresh duration - last reported data

The table lists can be filtered using the filters input provided on the LHS. Simply click on the filter icon to switch between include and exclude

Devices Named "z_ your DeviceName"

Any device with a name starting with z_* is automatically filtered out from status lists.

If you have existing devices that start with a z/Z then these will not be automatically filtered out of display list. The "_" being the important flag to distinguish between unused devices and devices that may legitimately start with the char z.

Sorting Columns

Click on any column to sort on its values. Click again to reverse that sort.

Returning To, or Re-Accessing the Summary View

You can return the Device Summary view at anytime simply by navigating to


Defining Status & Thresholds

The status colour of your device's title and metrics are triggered when certain threshold conditions are met.

a red highlight tag is alerting to a danger condition

a yellow highlight tag is alerting to a warning condition, or, where no data is available to determine the state.

Thresholds of each Metric Status

The metric thresholds for each of the table columns are as follows:

Detect OS (button)

  • If a cloud device is online, clicking this will populate the OS version data similar to Device -> Manual Config -> Update Cloud

  • Caveat: Control Device access

* This value is reported directly by the device itself (not via ongoing cloud heatbeat). Hence if the device has a Status offline (i.e. not visible to the cloud), then no value can be retrieved. + This value is derived from ongoing cloud heartbeat blackbox data. The value sought will be the last value reported to the cloud for the current day.

The blackbox sampling rate is taken at 5 minute intervals. The sampling interval may coincide with elevated activity on the device going-on at the very same moment. This may result in higher than expected values.

BlackBox Plugin - The Device's Heartbeat Metrics

Many of these metrics are derived from the device's blackbox plugin. Hence, the latest version of this plugin needs to be installed on the device for all heartbeat metrics to be produced.

If a device is offline, an attempt is made to retrieve last reported metrics, for any time, for that device if they exist in the cloud store.

Downloading CSV data

Device Summary supports a CSV download of all of the relevant data in the page. This button can be clicked on the top - right of the page, beside the Disable summary toggle.

Upon opening the file, make sure to set the Delimiter according to the file format. Since the CSV is comma separated values, delimeter should be set as "Comma". If your workgroup has a specific delimeter set, kindly select the file's delimiter accordingly.

This file includes all columns and rows being displayed in the Device Summary Table excluding the icons and status colors. However, there are 2 additional columns that will also be included in the CSV. These are the Device Type and Blackbox.

In addition, the Last Reported Data column will have the cloud data timestamp instead of the time difference from the data recorded.

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