Standard UI components

Ardexa reuses a number of UI components throughout the app

Ardexa reuses a number of UI components throughout the app, so it's important to understand how they work and what options are availble to ensure you get the best experience.

List filter

Lists are everywhere in the app and this filter gives you the power to search and select items from the list. By typing text into the Filter text area, the list will be narrowed to only include items that match the search term. There are two important things to keep in mind:

  • Some filters will apply a "fuzzy" search. This means that as long as the letters you type appear in order, then the filter will match. For example, if you wanted to find items with the word temperature, you could search for just tmp, or tptr, as the letters in the search term appear in order, although not adjacent. trp would not match, since although the target word contains all the letters, those letters do not appear in order

  • Some filters will also search metadata. For example, the filter on the Devices page will include metadata in the search, so you can easily find devices by their ID or the flie names they are collecting from.

The magnifying glass on the left is a button to toggle the match from "Show matching items" to "Hide matching items".

There are two variations of the list filter

  • Single select list: standard filter

  • Multi-select list (pictured above): comes with two additional buttons to deselect all or select all visible items, respectively.

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