Search scrolling

When you need more than 10,000 records

We have a feature that allows you to "scroll" through more than 10,000 search results. These queries are more resource intensive on our system, but irregular use is fine.

  • Run the search like normal (rows=10000), but pass an additional query parameter: scroll=true

  • The results are returned as normal, however an additional scroll_id will be included in the results

  • To get another "page" of results, simple pass this scroll_id to the "scroll endpoint", e.g. /api/v1/tables/{workgroupID}/{table}/search/scroll?scroll_id=uDqlP2IicpTlMs2A1uSuXkNUi7kEvuS0

  • Note that you do not need to pass the search parameters again, this is simply a continuation of the initial search's results

  • This will return another "page" of results and potentially another scroll_id. Repeat the process until no scroll_id is returned and the "records" array is empty.

  • Each scroll_id is valid for 30 seconds, after which the search will expire.

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