Difference between "event_time" and "Datetime"

What is the difference between event_time and Datetime?

event_time is the timestamp that the Ardexa Agent picked up the given message and will always be UTC. event_time is present for all records in the Ardexa system.
On some devices monitored by the Ardexa Agent, instead of giving a raw reading when a request is made, they will provide a list of cached readings. This is where Datetime is used.
In summary:
  • Is when the device being monitored took a reading.
  • Therefore, where available, Datetime is the actual point in time when the measurement was taken.
  • Is optional.
  • Can be sourced from either your infrastructure hardware or by the Ardexa Device.
  • Users have control how it is established.
  • It's use is encouraged, i.e. we suggest you collected this value.
  • Is when the Ardexa Agent picked up that reading for transmission to the cloud. Hence, it is the time when the record entered the Ardexa system.
  • eventime is established by the Ardexa Device's local time.
  • Users have no ability to change how this is collected.