Managing entities

Top level functions



You can reorganise the entity structure using drag and drop

In the entity manager, click More -> Reorganise. This will switch the tree to a draggable tree where you can move one or more entities (siblings only) to their new location

Once you are happy with the new structure, click Save.

Bulk edit

Switching to "Bulk edit" mode will give you the option to select one or more entities and perform operations on them all at the same time. Entities can be selected individually or using SHIFT + CLICK to select many siblings.

Edit labels

This will show a simple dialog where you can add and remove labels. Clicking Set will update and save all the selected entities.

Move selected

A dialog will open enabling you to pick a new parent for the selected entities. Browse through the tree to find the new parent, using the arrows or double click to expand nested entities. Once you have selected the new parent, click Set. Repeat the process for all entities you want to reorganise.

Once finished, click Save to commit the changes or Discard to return to bulk edit mode without saving.


Edit labels

Simply click the Add button, select the desired labels and click OK. To remove an existing label, you can click the X next to the label that you want to remove.

Go to dashboard

If there are no dashboards for this entity, then the button will instead link to Create dashboard.

If there is just one dashboard, clicking this button will take you directly to the dashboard.

If there is more than one, clicking this button will display a list of the available dashboards for you to choose from.


Add sub-entity

See Create new entity

Create dashboard

This open the dashboard editor to create a dashboard specifically for this entity.

Delete entities


Deleting entities is irreversible. Even if you recreate the entity with the same name and all the same data streams, it's still a different entity and that will very likely cause problems. Proceed with caution.

Deleting an entity is a recursive operation. If the entity you want to delete has sub-entities, these will also be deleted.

  • Select the entity

  • Click More -> Delete

  • Click Delete on the confirmation dialog

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