SolarEdge Inverters

Connecting to SolarEdge Inverters


SolarEdge Inverter data is collected using the Sunspec Plugin

Required Documents

1. Ensure you have read a copy of the manufacturer operating and safety manual. The latest copy may be obtained from the manufacturer website Solaredge Download Centre (website)

Refer to document “SolarEdge Installation Guide v.4.0” and can be found here

2. Refer to “SolarEdge Installation Guide” Page 52. If you are using a different inverter type, then obtain the correct Operating Manual or contact Ardexa. IMPORTANT NOTE: Solaredge inverters cannot be connected via Ethernet to third party loggers. Ethernet is reserved for proprietary communications between Solaredge inverters and Solaredge loggers. Third party loggers must use RS485 connections.

3. Connect each inverter using A/B/G RS485 as per the installation manual. Then connect the RS485 to the local device. When connecting to the Ardexa machine; connect the “A” cable to the “485 +” and the “B” to the “485 -” and “G” to ground. Please note, this may sometimes be opposite to other inverters, SO TAKE NOTE. Just 3 wires.

4. Terminate the last SolarEdge inverter in the chain by switching a termination DIP-switch inside the inverter to ON (see Page 60 of Reference 1). The switch is located on the communication board and should be marked “SW7”.

5. Configure all inverters via the front panel as follows:

a. Communication->RS485-1 Conf->Device Type : Non SE Logger

b. Communication->RS485-1 Conf->Protocol = SS (Sunspec)

c. Communication->RS485-1 Conf->Device ID = unique address. Make sure all inverters have a unique address.

6. If Ardexa is completing your plugin configuration, please don't forget to send:

a. Clear photographs of both ends of the RS485 cable termination (to the first inverter)

c. The number and models of connected inverters

d. The unique RS485 or IP addresses of the inverters

e. The name of the site.

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