Collecting Data

The Ardexa Agent

The Ardexa agent manages the connection to the cloud. It is a Windows or Linux binary that runs on the "Device" as shown in the figure below. It manages the security, caching, Internet reconnections and machines plugins. It collects data either by reading text files, capturing the output of a command, or by accepting data via special sockets (files) known as UNIX sockets.

The Ardexa Cloud

All data is sent to the Ardexa Cloud. It is then indexed into a data store, which can be searched or displayed using the Ardexa dashboards. Everything in the Ardexa Cloud can be monitored via our customizable Dashboards, real time Analytics or analysed using simple or complex queries.

Every piece of data between the "Device" and the "Cloud" as per the above diagram is treated as a message. Messages are consumed by the Ardexa Cloud. They can also be consumed by one or many individuals, programs or clouds. Even third parties (that you approve) can get to these data streams.

The Cloud communicates with the device in real time. You can send any Windows or Linux command to the remote device in real time.

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