Service Load Test


This is a test plugin is to test the service mode. It will calculate the average, variance and standard deviation of a 1 Million member, randomly generated list of numbers, from 1 to 100. It will then capture 10 x slices of the list, and send the following data to the cloud from 1 to 50 batches. This is an example:

Table                    loadtest                                
Source                   batch50/service_load_testing/
Batch                    batch50                                 
Average (decimal:)       42.1                                    
Variance (decimal:)      310.09                                  
Standard_Dev (decimal:)  17.6094                                 
Numbers1 (decimal:)      58                                      
Numbers2 (decimal:)      63                                      
Numbers3 (decimal:)      18                                      
Numbers4 (decimal:)      53                                      
Numbers5 (decimal:)      37                                      
Numbers6 (decimal:)      49                                      
Numbers7 (decimal:)      69                                      
Numbers8 (decimal:)      24                                      
Numbers9 (decimal:)      26                                      
Numbers10 (decimal:)     24                               


Usage: service_load_test log|discover hostname

  • Command argument can be log or discover

  • A log verb will collect data and send it to the cloud.

  • A discover verb will show the data that is to be collected.

  • The hostname argument is only used to differentiate different scenarios. The hostname will not be contacted in any way.

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